Places to Visit in Madrid

Discover places in Madrid that aren’t mentioned in any tourist guide. Find shows, culinary experiences, games and a lot of glamour.


Whether you regularly take part in Madrid’s entertainment scene or you just come to the city occasionally, don’t miss out on dropping in to visit the Colón Casino or Torrelodones Casino, two great landmarks in Madrid.

Entrada de Casino Torrelodones

Casino Torrelodones

Its offer includes the most exciting games, restaurants with avant-garde cuisine and unrivalled shows.

Casino Torrelodones is an obligatory stop on any tour of the popular landmarks of Madrid.

Opening hours: Daily from 3.00pm to 3.00am
Entrada de Casino Colón

Casino Colón

Offers you the chance to enjoy its casino games in one of the best gaming ambiences in downtown Madrid.

Casino Colon has become an essential place to visit in Madrid.

Opening hours: Daily from 11.00 am to 6.00 am

Gran Madrid, a place to visit

Gran Madrid has become established as one of the capital’s main tourist landmarks. With its two sites —Torrelodones and Colón— with their extensive offering, both of casino games and poker tournaments, cuisine and events, Gran Madrid is one of the most iconic sites among Madrid’s tourist circuit.

With over 38 years of history, this casino has gotten a great reputation and has become a tourist destination, to such a degree that it attracts both Spanish and international visitors. It is currently one of the tourist sites in the entire country that attracts the most visitors to Madrid throughout the year.

In slews of cities round the world, casinos have become places that are highly appealing to tourists, due to their glamour, luxury and sophisticated ambience. Many of them are located in architecturally stunning buildings with history and tradition, making them well worth a visit. And in recent years, many casinos have changed from centring exclusively on gaming and betting and expanded their offerings into other areas, such as business tourism and conventions, cuisine and hosting great concerts and shows.

If you are coming to the Spanish capital, Gran Madrid is definitely one of the must-sees in Madrid that you won’t want to miss.