Gran Madrid is the home of poker. View the schedule of tournaments, both regular and special, and find your favourite.

How to play?

Find out the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Poker before you start playing.

If you are a cash fan player

Here you will find all the information on poker cash tables at Gran Madrid.

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When would you rather play?

The Casino Gambling Management will previously establish times and limits, where applicable, of the game. Games will start when there are at least four players. Before starting, the places at the table will be drawn among the people who want to play. After starting, it will be the Game Boss who will assign the new spots. The Casino will establish the initial amount that players will start with and the amount of replacements. It will also establish the minimum amount for a new player to join the game. The player will be obligated to make a replacement when his or her chips total less than the minimum for the table. Then the dealer will place a marker or button in front of the previous player who dealt the hand, who will start the round.