This casino game is the most glamorous and one of the most traditional of all card games

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What does the game consist of?

In American casinos this game tends to be linked to high level bettors, as wagers tend to soar to truly impressive amounts. Many people don’t dare to play as they are afraid of not understanding the rules and losing their money, but it is actually extremely simple game, and one that is thrilling and fun from the very first hand.

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How to play?

Baccarat is a card game where players can bet on the bank or against it, and the hand that scores nine or is closest to this number wins. Face cards and 10s have no numerical value and the rest of the cards keep their face value, with aces representing one point. The player who deals the cards plays the bank’s hand and the player’s hand will be that of the participant with the highest bet.

If there are no bets on the player’s hand, the dealer will have the cards. Baccarat can be played at tables with 13 seats, mini tables with seven or less seated players, and midi tables with nine or less seated players. Cards are dealt by the players following the order mentioned in the Game Rules. If they pass on dealing, the dealer does it. The casino is the banker and it will collect and pay all bets. If the bank’s hand is the winner, five percent will be deducted from the winning wagers in favour of the casino.

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how to play baccarat


Oral wagers are not accepted, as they have no any value. Bettors are responsible for their wagers on the table. Players can ask for advice from the table or pit boss at any time, including in the middle of hands.

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Each player initially receives two cards. The value is determined by adding up the value of the cards, where 10s are discarded and only single-digits are considered.

The winning hand will be the one with a score of 9 or closest to this number. In the event of a draw, the bets for points or the bank can be removed, paying out the bets made for draws at 8 to 1. After dealing the first two cards, if either the player or the bank has a score of 8 or 9, the round is finished, and any other hand cannot ask for a third card.

Midi Variety

Optionally, baccarat can be played so that when the bank’s hand is the winner with a score of 6, 50 percent of winning bets go to the establishment.

All other combinations of hands, whether for the bank or for the player, will be paid out one to one.

Wagers with equal bets cannot be higher than 10 percent of the table’s maximum.

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