Roulette is undoubtedly a game with a long history, and now you can become part of it by trying your luck at our tables

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Do you know the origins of this game?

The game of roulette as we know it today is owed to Blaise Pascal, who came up with the idea for a roulette with 36 numbers. Later, at the end of the 19th century, it was modified slightly by adding a new number, the zero, which was introduced for the first time at the Montecarlo Casino.

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How to play?

The game of American roulette is played at a table with felt and a roulette, divided into 37 pockets numbered from 0 (zero) to 36, both inclusive. On the roulette wheel, the 0 pocket is green and the remaining numbers alternate between red and black. Players guess which pocket the ball will fall into, on the roulette wheel which is spun by the dealer. The prize money you can win will depend on the type of bet you place and the amount you wager.

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how to play roulette


Bets placed at American roulette wheels are made with chips that you can get at the table by asking the dealer. You can select both their colour and their value, which must be the same for all the chips you purchase. A poster will let you know the minimum and maximum bets at each table.

There are slews of bets possible for American roulette, so we suggest that you start with the simplest until you get to know the game a bit better. Whether you yourself put your chips on the table—the most common technique in this game—or let the dealer do it for you, make sure they are situated correctly at all times.

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All about Roulette

The game

Although American roulette and French roulette are extremely similar, they do have small differences that affect the order of the numbers on the wheel, the signalling of the winning number with a small piece called a dolly, and the chips used to place the bets.

SIMPLE NUMBERS The prize, if you win, is equal to the bet placed. If the ball goes into the zero pocket, players lose half their bet.
DOZENSPay-outs to the winner of these bets is 2 to 1, but chips are lost if the ball goes into the zero pocket.
COLUMNS Pay-outs to the winner of these bets is 2 to 1, but chips are lost if the ball goes into the zero pocket. SIX: The six numbers are covered occupying two consecutive horizontal rows. With this bet, the winner is paid 5 to 1 of the amounts bet.
CORNER OR SQUARE Bets are placed on the four numbers that form a square. You can also bet on four numbers including zero: 0-1-2-3. This bet pays 8:1 on the amount bet.
STREETYou can also bet on the three numbers in a horizontal row. Or you can also bet on three numbers including zero. The possible combinations are 0-1-2 and 0-2-3. This bet pays 11:1 on the amount bet. SPLIT: Winners receive 17:1 of their bets.
STRAIGHT UP Winners receive 35:1 of their bets.

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Gran Madrid now offers you the possibility to play roulette in its online casino, so that you can enjoy all the excitement of the game wherever and whenever you want.

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