Caribbean Stud Poker

This game’s history is generally associated with legends of the Wild West, pistols and saloons

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What does the game consist of?

This game’s history is generally associated with legends of the Wild West, pistols and saloons, although its origins are believed to be from New Orleans at the time of its French colonisation. “As-Nas”, a Persian game that the French played, was associated with the French game of “Poque”, where bluffing and betting were customary. Poker also had some similarities with a game with three cards played in England, and with the German “Pochen”. In casino stud poker, players face off against the casino with the objective of winning the hand with a combination of cards higher than that of the dealer. Thus, you only play against the casino and don’t have to worry about the prowess of the other players.

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How to play stud poker

How to play?

Casino Stud Poker is played with five cards and the objective of the game is to obtain a combination of cards with a higher value than that of the bank. There can be more than one winning combination. The number of seated players who can take part in the game must match the number of betting boxes on the game table, up to seven. Before dealing the cards, players must place their initial wagers within the high and low limits of each game table, in the box marked with 1. Then the dealer closes the betting by announcing ‘no more’.

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Rules of stud poker


Players only win their bets when their combination is higher than that of the dealer, losing if it is lower and keeping the ante—but without winning—if the hand is a draw. Without lifting their arms from the table, players look at their cards, which must be in view of the dealer, and then decide between staying in the game by saying ‘call, in which case they have to double their bet by putting their cards in the box marked 2, or withdrawing from the hand by saying ‘fold’.

A large dealing shoe consisting of six French decks is used to play blackjack, three of one colour and three of another, with 52 cards each.

In the latter case, players lose their ante, leaving their cards face down on the table. Then the dealer removes their bets, verifying the number of cards and picking them up. After the players have decided whether or not to stay in the game or fold, the dealer turns over the bank’s four facedown cards. The bank only plays if its cards contain at least an ace and a king (K) or a higher combination. If not, the bank must pay each player remaining in the game an amount equal to their ante, or initial bet. If the bank plays, the dealer compares its cards with that of the players, paying out combinations that are higher and removing the losing bets.

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Caribbean Stud Poker

More about Caribbean Stud Poker


Any error in dealing the cards, in the number or the improper turning over of any card leads to the entire hand being cancelled. Players cannot exchange information about their cards or turn them over before the proper time. Any violation of this rule leads to the total loss of their bet in favour of the bank.

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