Poker Omaha

Discover this poker modality, the differences that exist with Texas Hold'em and its rules.

What does it consist of?

The origin of Poker Omaha is a mystery, it is only known that it was at the Golden Nuget, the famous casino in Las Vegas city, where it was first officially played in the mid-1970s. This type of poker works very similar to Texas Hold'em, also playing with individual and community cards searching the best possible combination. Don't hesitate, come to our Poker Room and start enjoying this exciting game at Gran Madrid.

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poker omaha

How to play Omaha Hi/Lo?

Omaha differs from Texas Hold’em, mainly in that:

  • Players receive four hand cards.
  • The final play must necessarily consist of two of the cards of the player's hand and three cards of the table.
  • Omaha High is a popular variant, especially in pot limit.

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poker omaha


In the card game called Poker Omaha, several players face each other in order to achieve the highest possible combination of cards. To do this, each player can choose: two cards of the four decks he has in his hand and three of the five that will be aligned and uncovered on the table that will be common to all participants.

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poker omaha

More about Poker Omaha

The game begins

Each game uses a complete deck of cards, i.e., 52 cards. The value of the ACE depends on its position in the series, being the lowest number in Ace-2-3-4-5 or the highest in the combination 10-J-Q-K-Ace.

The Gaming Directors establish the duration and limits of the game, if any.

Games begin with a minimum of four players who are distributed around the table.

The Casino establishes the initial amount of money or Stack with which the players participate in the game and the amount of rebuys, it also establishes the minimum quantity for a new player to join the game. The player is forced to make a rebuy when the amount of remaining chips is less than the minimum required.

The croupier then places a marker or button in front of the player to the right of the player who bets first and begins the game.

Betting turn

Una vez barajados y realizado el corte de los naipes, todos los participantes harán una apuesta inicial de “ante” que será siempre la mitad del mínimo de la mesa.

Hay distintas modalidades:

. "Split limit" se jugará en los dos primeros intervalos de apuestas con el límite más bajo y en los siguientes, con el más alto.
. "Bote con límite" la apuesta estará limitada por el bote.
. "Bote sin límite" no encontraremos límite para la apuesta máxima no pudiendo ser el mínimo menor al autorizado y expuesto visiblemente en la mesa.

En todo momento las cartas deberán estar a la vista del crupier y del resto de los jugadores. Los participantes no podrán tocar sus naipes hasta que no haya terminado el reparto.

Al llegar el turno de apuestas el jugador puede:

1. Retirarse y salir del juego diciendo claramente "no voy” y poniendo sus naipes tapados sobre la mesa, que serán retirados por el crupier sin que sean vistos por el resto de los participantes.
2. Pasar diciendo "paso” cuando al llegar su turno decida no apostar. En el caso de que algún otro participante realice un envite, el jugador en paso deberá cubrir o subir la apuesta si quiere seguir jugando.
3. Cubrir o igualar la apuesta colocando en el Pot la misma cantidad que los demás jugadores.
4. Subir la apuesta de cualquier otro jugador colocando en el Pot las fichas suficientes para hacerlo.

Cada vez que termina un turno de apuestas, el crupier separará una carta del mazo colocándola debajo del Pot. Una vez acabada la cuarta ronda de apuestas, los jugadores descubrirán sus naipes comenzando por aquel que realice la última apuesta más alta, pagándose el Pot a la mejor combinación o repartiéndose entre los distintos jugadores con igual combinación ganadora en proporción a sus respectivos restos.

Winning combinations

. FOUR OF A KIND 20-1. Four cards with the same rank or number and one with a different rank or number.
. FULL HOUSE 7-1. Three cards with the same rank or number and other two with the same rank or number forming a pair.
. FLUSH 5-1. Five non-sequential cards of the same suit.
. STRAIGHT 4-1. Five sequential cards of different suits.
. THREE OF A KIND 3-1. Three cards with the same rank or number and other two without forming a pair.
. TWO PAIR 2-1. Two pairs of cards of two different ranks and one different card.
. ONE PAIR 1-1. Two cards with one rank or number.
. HIGH CARD 1-1. When in a round no player has one of the above-mentioned combinations, the player who has the highest card wins.


A new player cannot join the game if the vacant position obliges them to possess the “mark” or open the betting.

It is the responsibility of the Inspector or the leader of the match to ensure the correct development of the game, and to resolve any conflict in accordance with the legal framework of the Gambling Regulations of the Autonomous Region of Madrid. Their decisions will be mandatory and binding for everybody.

Opening hours

Omaha Torrelodones

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SUN. - THU.: 7:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. FRI. - SAT. & holiday eves: 8:00 p.m. - 4:00 a.m.

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